How to Leverage Social Media in Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Business

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Leverage Social Media for maximum impact on your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Business

The importance and relevance of social media marketing are growing rapidly. From being just one of the marketing tools, social media marketing is a must-have for every kitchen and bath remodeling company or contractor. There are currently more than 2.62 billion social media users. What is even amazing is the amount of time these users spend on social media networks – more than 700 billion hours per month! Imagine what such numbers mean to your kitchen and bath remodeling business? With the right marketing tools and strategies, these numbers mean more business for you. But before we go into how you can leverage social media for your kitchen and bath social media marketing, let us look at some of the key points about social media marketing. They are important for the success of your kitchen and bath social media marketing.


To market on any social media platform, you need content. Content provides your target market with the information about your products. Content may be in the form of photos, posts, videos, and tweets. Create content that is both targeted and informative. Context: to make your marketing content successful, you have to put it in the right context. Repackage your marketing gig to fit various social media platforms.

For example, a short message is better on Twitter, but you can use a longer post on Facebook. Target audience: successful social media marketers know the importance of understanding who your target customers are.

For example, when marketing on Facebook, you can select your target customers by age, demographics or any other characteristics. Understand where you can find your target audience.


Social media is a great marketing tool as your content can be shared among many users. For the best results, create content that users are willing to pass on to others. Whether they buy or not, sharing makes more people aware of what you have to offer.


As a social media marketer, you want people to interact and engage with your content by liking, sharing, commenting or recommending your kitchen or bath remodeling product to others. The more people engage with your content, the more likely you are to land more sales. Different social media sites offer different levels of engagement. Instagram is an excellent site for customers to engage with your products.


Social media is ever changing. New trends in social media marketing are arising every day, so you have to change as they do. These changes limit some marketing opportunities and open other doors for your kitchen and bath remodeling social media marketing campaign. Innovation and resilience are key in influencing your social media marketing.


When it comes to social media marketing, diversification is key. Do not rely on one site to market your products. For example, advertise on Facebook and include a Google+ profile for your kitchen and bath remodeling business, which will go a long way in helping your SEO. Diversify your marketing strategy to fit various social media sites.

For example, Instagram is a visual site; therefore, you may need to post photos of your kitchen and bath remodeling products. Do not forget a call for action. Now let us look at how you can leverage social media marketing as a kitchen and bathroom contractor.

Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy A marketing strategy outlines the plan you intend to follow to achieve your social media marketing goals. When developing your strategy, understand who your target customers are and what products and services they require. You should provide solutions to their kitchen and bathroom remodeling problems.

Look at other kitchen and bath remodeling brands, and see what marketing strategies work for them, incorporate what you like into your strategy. Build your social media presence by opening social media accounts in platforms you feel are relevant to your marketing goals. Have an active and relevant presence to draw to you relevant customers. After building your social media presence, create a schedule for posting on your social media sites. Consistency is key. Once your audience misses regular updates from your sites, they soon forget about you. Keep your sites updated by building a social media calendar outlining what and when you will execute a task.

Follow up on executing these tasks to solidify a successful social media campaign for your business. Choose the Right Platform There are many social media platforms to market your kitchen and bathroom remodeling business. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn among others. The right platform is that which allows you to reach and engage a large number of your potential and existing customers. Facebook, for example, is an excellent platform for marketing your kitchen and bath remodeling business, engaging with customers, posting targeted ads and reaching a wider audience.

Facebook offers you the flexibility to present various marketing content including videos, text, and images. Facebook’s business manager is a free tool available on the platform that helps you manage your pages and advertisements. Facebook also allows you to select the characteristic of your ideal customer and the devices your ads will appear on.

Instagram is an image and video site, which you can use to market your kitchen and bath remodeling business. Instagram allows you to share 15-second videos, photos, text, and stories. You can make use of Instagram as a social media marketing tool by creating the right bio, using hashtags, using the influencer marketing feature and sharing images of kitchens and bathrooms you have remodeled. Instagram is particularly important for engaging with your customers.

The more people engage with your brand, the more they are likely to build trust in you and purchase your products and services. Youtube is a great site to share your videos with your customers. You can market your kitchen and bath remodeling business by recording videos of what you do. You can also share with your audience useful remodeling advice to establish yourself as an expert kitchen and bath remodeling contractor. When marketing using Youtube, you do not require advanced video recording instruments, a webcam and microphone are enough.

Create a Unique Brand Your business brand defines your kitchen and remodeling business to yourself, employees and customers. The right brand will set you apart from other kitchen and bathroom contractors. Share the values of your company that customers can identify with. Once customers trust your brand, they are more open to buying your goods and services. When creating your brand, stay professional – share enough details so that customers know who you are and what you have to offer. Social media marketing for your kitchen and bath remodeling business is a task you can handle yourself. Once you understand your customer needs, create targeted advertisements for them. Remember to engage with your customers by asking them questions and answering theirs.