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How to Get Your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company Ranked In Google

In the modern digital economy, kitchen and bath contractors use their website for two basic reasons, which include displaying their works and earning more leads. If you are a newbie in the kitchen and bath remodeling SEO, it may be difficult to tell whether your company needs to be ranked in the Google organic listings. First, open Google and search for kitchen and bath remodelers in your state and city. If you do not see your company listed in the results, then you are not capitalizing on thousands of potential leads. Nevertheless, don’t worry and read on because we are here to help.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling SEO A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Create Crawlable And Accessible URLs :

Creating crawlable and accessible URLs entail directing Googlebots spiders to web pages with content, so that the bots can understand written content, images, videos, and any content embedded in the pages. Googlebots will then use the information to index your website and locate it in the future. The first step is important because without it, the rest is meaningless.

  1. Do Keyword Research :

Keyword research is crucial in knowing the words people looking for kitchen and bath contractors used when performing searches. Keyword research generates a primary keyword and several secondary keywords that are included in the text to enhance optimization.

  1. Use Primary, Secondary And Related Keywords Intelligently :

Related keywords are words and phrases that have the same meaning as your primary keyword. Google uses related keywords in determining the relevance of your content. Related keywords should be in text format because Google may fail to analyze related keywords in the form of visuals or videos.

  1. Check Out The SERP To Help You Know The Searches Google Ranks As Relevant To Users :

Perform a keyword search on Google and check out the results to determine what Google deem relevant based on the keywords searched. This exercise is meant to help you figure out intent i.e. the type of relevant content and gaps in information. Once you figure out a gap in information, and know that people would be interested, provide the information and take over the ranking for that keyword.

  1. Get Content From SEO Professionals That Will Answer Searchers’ Queries :

The reason that you should get content from SEO professionals is that they have authority, and you can capitalize on it to add credibility to your site. This enables link building and sharing on social media, which earns you more visitors. The more searches and visitors you have, the more credible your site appears in Google.

Google tends to punish sites that frustrate searchers by not answering their queries by ranking them lower.

  1. Have Convincing Title Tags And Meta Descriptions :

Title tags and Meta descriptions are displayed as snippets by the Google search engine. Snippets offer a brief truncated information about the content on a website. Having title tags and Meta descriptions that are targeted and contain the keywords is a sure way of convincing visitors to click on your site and not others. Some SEO experts argue that Meta tags do not play a significant role in organic ranking, but they play a pivotal role in convincing visitors to click on your link.

  1. Capitalize On Well Crafted Snippets And Schema Markup To Improve Content :

This aspect of organic ranking is suitable for companies that need to display visuals or images in their snippets, for example, companies in kitchen and bath marketing. When companies include images of their products in snippets, it is a plus because potential customers are more likely to click on the image, which will lead them to the website.

  1. Ensure That Your Web Pages Load Faster :

Optimizing your web pages for speed improves the user experience. The web pages should load quickly on different devices, and be secure. Right now Google cares about the security of users and HTTPS has been of central focus from 2016 to 2018.

  1. Optimize Your Site For Local SEO :

Surveys done by the web giant Google indicate that approximately two-thirds of smartphone users are likely to buy products from companies that have customized online information based on user location. Apart from relevance of content and prominence, distance is another key factor that Google My Business uses to rank websites. This means that your kitchen and bath marketing website should be optimized for relevance, prominence and distance according to your local area. Below are some methods you can use to achieve this.

Relevance to Local SEO

To make your content relevant to local SEO, you will have to choose an accurate category. The category should be specific to your product and not generic. For example, your category cannot be “kitchen and bath contractors”, you need to specify the type of products and services you offer.

Other factors that you will need to address to make your content relevant to local SEO include adding business description, practicing area, and detailed business information.

Prominence in Local SEO

Attaining prominence in local SEO is important in assisting your business beat the local competition in searches. The things you need to do to achieve this include adding images, getting as many reviews, adding permanent signs, citations and links.

Optimize For Distance

When generating results, Google tends to prefer businesses located near the search, and this is one of the most critical factors in “Google My Business” result rankings. This can still be achieved even if your kitchen and bath business has no physical location in a certain area. What you need to do, is creating content, including the local areas as a keyword, and then link it to your business profile on “Google My Business”.

Some of the tactics that can be used to localize content include:

  • Creating high-volume keyword phrases mentioning specific locations. For example, kitchen and bath contractors can have keyword phrases containing the services they offer plus practice area (name of the city).
  • Create content on your pages that include the location-specific keyword phrases.
  • Include the keyword phrase in your headings, titles, Meta descriptions and file names.

The tactics mentioned above are not exhaustive because there are other tricks that need to be performed to enable your bath remodeling company rank well in the organic listings.