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How To Get Your Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company Ranked On Google Map

Every kitchen and bathroom contractor needs to get on Google Maps. It doesn’t matter if you’re old-fashioned or you’re not the techy type. You need an online presence.

Google is the modern Yellow Pages. There aren’t many people today who are going to visit any company – be it a restaurant, a supermarket, or a kitchen and bath remodeling company – without Googling it first. And if your company isn’t showing up, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of customers.

Fortunately, getting your kitchen and bathroom remodeling company to rank on Google Maps isn’t too difficult. There are just a few simple steps to follow and every prospective customer with an Internet connection will know exactly where to find you.

  1. Sign Up For Google My Business :

The first step is to sign your business up on Google My Business. Google My Business is the way you send your company’s information to Google so that it can show up when people look you up online.

Google My Business is completely free, and it isn’t too hard to get your information in there. There are even apps you can download on Google Play and the App Store that will let you update your kitchen and bathroom remodeling business’s information on the go!

2. Enter As Much Information As Possible :

Make sure you put in as much information as possible. This isn’t the time to get shy about your privacy – the more you tell Google, the easier it’ll be for customers to find you online. Give them your address, your phone number, your category, your attributes, your hours, and they’ll make sure you show up when they type in your name.

This is going to go a long way in helping your business rank. One of the big factors Google considers when they decide which businesses to feature is how relevant it is to their search. If you repaint after remodeling, be sure to put that in so that you’ll show up first whenever somebody looks for a kitchen and bathroom contractor who repaints walls.

3. Verify Your Location :

One of the biggest factors Google looks at when it decides which companies to show on their maps is distance. If you’re the closest kitchen and bathroom contractor to your customer, you’re probably going to be the first one that shows up when they look it up – as long as you let Google know where you are.

Make sure you verify your business once you have all the information in. Otherwise, odds are that you’re just not going to show up.

4. Add Photos :

Uploading pictures for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling company could be what makes the difference in your next customer’s decision. Upload pictures of your work, your business, and the types of services you can provide. It’ll make a nice, eye-catching ad that’s sure to bring in more customers.

Plus, it’ll help your company rank on Google. The more data Google can find on your company, the more likely it is to prioritize it, so every little picture can help bring you to the top.

5. Build Up Your Online Presence :

The main way Google decides which companies show up first on Google Maps is prominence. They take a look at how much information there is online about your company. The more there is, the higher you’ll rank.

Set up a website for your kitchen and bath remodeling company, and try to get as many online blogs to review it as possible. The more times your company is mentioned on Google, the more likely it’ll be that it’ll be the top result somebody types “kitchen and bathroom contractor” into the search bar.

6. Set Your Holiday Hours :

Keep your hours as accurate as possible. You may have already put in your Monday-to-Friday work hours, but we’ll be surprised if you keep those hours up during Christmas.

Set your special hours for the holiday season, and be as upfront as possible about them. The more accurate your information is, the most likely it is that Google will feature your company first, so getting in those extra details can really help.

7. Respond To Reviews :

Google Maps lets your customers leave reviews about your business. In some ways, that can be a good thing. If somebody loves your work, that review calling you the best kitchen and bathroom contractor in town will show up every time somebody looks you up. But if you get a bad review, that’s going to show up, too – and it’ll be the first thing anybody sees when they look you up online.

Respond to every customer that leaves you a comment. If they say you did a great a job, give them a “thanks”. If they say you stunk, show people that you take care of unsatisfied customers. This is a chance to show off your customer service.

That’s it! You’re officially set up to start ranking every time somebody Googles the words “Kitchen and Bathroom Contractor”.

You might not be the top result just yet – but don’t worry. Google’s system for deciding who shows up first is kept confidential, so nobody knows exactly every trick you need to get to the top. We do, however, know a few things they look at: relevance, distance, and prominence. A lot of those are subjective. Every time somebody searches for a business, Google considers which businesses are most relevant to that user and what they searched for, including how close the business is to their home. Those things are going to be different for different people – so you might be the top result for one person, but hidden among the masses for another.

Prominence, though, is something you can control. Google is going to be looking at how much you show up on the web and how often that connects to positive reviews. The more often you show up, the higher you’re going to rank for everyone looking for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company.

So encourage your customers to leave reviews, ask local blogs to talk about you, and get that web presence up. Once you’re everywhere on the Internet, you’re going to be everywhere on Google, too – and that’s going to mean a lot more business.